Unlikely cool vibe in an interesting little town. A rare intimate performance just might be brewing friends.

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We’ll be notifying the winners of last weeks contest this week. Winners will receive an autographed limited edition hand made compilation CD and a shirt. Continue to share the links for ‘Running’ for your chance to win prizes! #chavardontae #running #giveaway

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Pandora recommended that I listen to this guy. You should too:) #indiepop #rock #edm www.pandora.com/chavar-dontae

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Got this gem back on the road #1988 #Cadillac #Eldorado #Classic #4.5V8

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Image captured by @teampeapod @1007thezone during my set at The Main Event Arts +
Music Festival last night

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I’m excited to play this festival! See you all Saturday! It’s my birthday at midnight on Saturday so I’ll be hanging after my set:)

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#cac awesome theater.

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