Los Angeles friends, you can go view the screening of Kleptos at Downtown Independent tomorrow evening! Kleptos features my song Baby It’s You. It was also awarded official selection honors in the 2014 SHORTSNONSTOP Film Festival (Canadian Film Centre @cfccreates ) and the 2014 Texas Independent Film Festival.

A conservative young man falls in love with an eccentric when she teaches him how to be a kleptomaniac.
Created by:
Nathan Elias and Rachel Paulson
Music by:
Chavar Dontae

Those outside of the Los Angeles area can view it on the Canadian Film Centre @cfccreates official website.


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It easy to overlook basic luxuries while forgetting the struggle many humans face for clean drinking water. I’m beyond excited to be in collaboration with Shirts4Straws, in conjunction with Lifestraw, Groceries Apparel and Whole Foods.

The Mission:
Give access to fresh water buy donating a Lifestraw for every (organic, usa made) shirt purchased.
Using our influence in the realms of music, art and fashion we will infiltrate the global marketplace one person at a time.

#Shirts4Straws #Lifestraw #groceriesapparel #wholefoods #chavardontae

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Spreading positive vibes around the world. Be sure to vist Chavar Dontae on Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, MTV Artists, listen to ‘Running’ and help spread the word. Thanks friends. #chavardontae #promolife #edm

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"No one on the corner has swagger like us" good company on Pandora #chavardontae #mia #phantogram #alt-j #lykkeli #thetempertrap

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Friday is off to an excellent start! Positive vibes! #sellingmusic #chavardontae #edm #independent

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Past seeds planted sometimes grow and flourish. I’m excited to announce some awesome developments. The Chavar Dontae brand is expanding. Stay tuned:) Also, visit my iTunes page and download my latest single ‘Running’

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Unlikely cool vibe in an interesting little town. A rare intimate performance just might be brewing friends.

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